Registered Office Address

This service is only available for directors who are resident in the U.K.

The registered office address is where official mail and documents may be served on the company or it’s directors. If you do not use a Registered Office Address such as this, your personal address will be available to view on the Companies House Register.

If you do not use us to provide any other services to your company, to continue using our address as your company’s registered office address, requires payment of a fee of £29.99p per year to cover our administrative costs. This is the lowest fee for these stand-alone services in the UK.

What you get for £29.99:
  1. Use of our Address as the Registered Office address of your company for 1 year.
  2. Use of our address as the correspondence address of all directors for 1 year.
  3. Same-day forwarding (by email whenever possible) of all official correspondence to the Company and it’s Directors, received at this address, for 1 year.

Things you can’t do at your registered office address

  • Register for VAT
  • Operate a bank account
  • Run any trade or credit accounts

All of these must be registered and controlled from your operating address.

If you wish to continue to use this facility for your company, please complete the form below, make the payment online and submit the details to us.