Companies house filing fee - How it affects our pricing

Here at 99p Company Formations, we’ve always stood by the idea that starting your own business shouldn’t break the bank. That’s why we’ve been offering our full company formation service for just 99p, aiming to remove financial hurdles for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.

However, recent changes introduced by Companies House have impacted our pricing structure. A new £50 fee has been mandated for all company incorporations. This isn’t something we can sidestep, as it’s a mandatory charge from them, not from us. So, to keep doing what we do best—helping you get your business off the ground—we have to include this £50 fee in our price. It changes the game a little from our hallmark 99p deal, but we promise to keep everything else as affordable as we’ve always promised. Beyond this new fee, it’s business as usual: the same great service, at minimal cost, all to help your new venture succeed.

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