25th July 2023

Working for yourself and running your own business can be fun and rewarding, but it also comes with its own hurdles. For most people, the biggest hurdle can be staying on top of your business admin. We understand no one wants to spend hours sending invoices, bookkeeping, responding to emails; but this is all part of building a successful business.

So, we thought we’d ask the Walton Accountancy team for some tips on how to keep on top of these tasks 😊


Tilly- Block out a section of time to complete your tasks.

By blocking out a section of time each week, this may be a morning, a day or just a couple of hours, you can then prioritise all the admin tasks you’ve been putting off. By making them a priority, you will be able to focus on them without the distractions of other tasks. Don’t forget to put on your do not disturb or blocking the time out in your diary, so nothing gets double booked accidentally.


Carter- Use bookkeeping software like Xero.

Although this may not be necessary for all businesses, it’s a must if you have a lot of transactions in and out of your bank each day. The idea of a digital software is that they are bank feed driven, which means you just have to tell the software what the income and expenses are. After doing this a few times, the software learns and will be able to make suggestions for you, saving you even more time.


Jasmin- Get a diary.

This may sound simple but by using a physical or online diary you will be able to keep on top of tasks and make sure all deadlines are met.


Tom- Ask for help!

If you are paying for professional services or software, make sure to ask for help and advice rather than struggling through. You are not just paying for the service but for their expertise, so make sure you make use of them.


Ben- Keep on top of your emails.

We all know its easy to just leave your emails to build up, but rather than this, create files to sort your emails into when they are received. That way when you sit down to work through your invoices/ customer messages etc. they’ll all be in one place.


Hopefully these little tips will help you stay on track with you admin. Don’t forget if in doubt a cup of tea is always a good place to start.